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You know how we always talk about those amazing moments in life, like the crazy love stories and unforgettable parties? Well, guess what? I'm super into capturing all that magic with my camera! It's like I get to freeze all those priceless memories for you. Think about it – right now, you're living some of the best days of your life. Who's by your side? What's that big, breathtaking moment you're about to experience? Imagine being able to look back at it all, not just next year, but 20 years down the line. That's what I'm here for – to make sure you have those memories to share and relive, forever


Let's kick things off with a huge shoutout: I'm beyond grateful and a tad bit awestruck that you're considering me to capture the most magical moments of your life. It's a huge honor, and trust me, I'm all in.

Imagine a youngster, camera forever in hand, growing up in California and Arizona. Yep, that was me! Raised in a family rooted in the produce business, I was always amidst a kaleidoscope of cultures and tales. This sparked my love for exploring, soaking in diverse cultures, and sun-drenched Mexican fiestas with unbeatable tacos (Tip of the day: never pass up on street tacos. Ever.)

Fast forward a few years, and here I am, living the absolute dream, globetrotting as a wedding photographer. Talk about striking gold, right? Every day is a new adventure, filled with enchanting weddings, where I get to capture your love stories, the grand celebrations, and those tiny, memorable details that make your day uniquely yours.

And oh, the weddings! They're like straight out of a fairy tale – lavish, joyful, and oh-so-memorable. There I am, in the heart of it all, camera ready to seize your joy, the tears, the epic dance-offs, and even Uncle Larry’s questionable moves. It's a total blast, and I'm here for every second of it!

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Are you set to turn your wedding day into an epic adventure of a lifetime? Think full-throttle commitment, no room for "what ifs," and marching to the beat of your own drum – that's the spirit, right? Yep, you're definitely my type of crowd! Here’s the scoop: I’m all about quality, not quantity, so I limit myself to a handful of weddings per year. This way, I can throw my entire heart and energy into each one. Whether you're tying the knot in the Southern Comfort of Georgia or jet-setting to a far-flung destination, whether it's an intimate affair or a big bash, from lavish to low-key – drop me a line. Let’s peek into my calendar and make magic happen on your day!

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"Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? Todd was absolutely incredible as our wedding photographer! From the moment he arrived, he put everyone at ease and had us all laughing and enjoying the day even more.

But what really stood out to me was how Todd made my daughter feel. She can be a bit shy and reserved, but Todd's warmth and positivity really brought out her best. He captured the most beautiful, genuine moments between her and her new husband that we will treasure forever.

Todd's talent and professionalism are evident in every photo he took. He has a way of making even the simplest moments feel special and magical. We were blown away by the final results - the photos are simply stunning.

Thank you, Todd, for making my daughter's wedding day even more special than we could have imagined. You truly have a gift for capturing love and joy, and we will be forever grateful for the memories you've given us."
-Linda G.

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"They were so enthusiastic about our wedding and took the time to get to know us as a couple, which made the entire experience so much more personal and special."

Michelle & Jay

"Every time we look at our photos, we are transported right back to that magical day and feel so grateful to have had you as our photographer!"

Hannah & Sean

"We can't thank you enough for meeting us in South Dakota to capture our son's birthday!"

Williams Family

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Embracing each unique journey in life - whether you're lovebirds just starting out, celebrating years of togetherness without kids, expecting a new arrival, riding solo, or navigating the quiet of an empty nest. Hey, it's all beautiful, and it's all worth capturing. Here's the thing - you don't need to tie the knot to work with me. I'm all about capturing the magic in the everyday, whether it’s just you, or you and your partner. Let's make something amazing together, capturing this moment in your story with all its fun, love, and beauty. Let’s do this!

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In the whirlwind of family life, every giggle, every hug, and every little adventure is a story worth telling. From those messy breakfasts to the bedtime tales, your family's journey is a treasure trove of beautiful, candid moments.

With kids, every day is an adventure – a mix of chaos and charm. Let’s capture their wild spirit, their infectious laughter, and those fleeting moments of childhood wonder. Whether it’s a family day out in the park or quiet moments at home, these snapshots of today will become the heartwarming memories of tomorrow. Make it snappy because your children are changing every day! If you want this chapter of their lives documented, there is no time like the present! PS. we're going to have a blast!

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